Mom’s on a diet

Mom’s on a diet

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Mom’s on a dietBy Emma on July 11, 2009

My mother came for a visit this past week.  She is retired has severe rheumatoid arthritis, so she doesn’t move around alot.  Anyway she is planning a trip with her church group to Israel next year and is worried about her weight and second to that will she be able to physically handle it.  Appearance comes first.  My mother has always been able to lose weight easily and only really carries the weight in her stomach.  She asked me to help her get started this week.  The first thing we did was talk about her current diet.  Unbelievable!  This women can eat, and she doesn’t weigh alot- under 170.  She can’t stop at one. She eats two hamburgers or two grilled cheese sandwiches or  two egg salad sandwiches.  Ice Cream is a particular problem- a minimum of 2-3 ice cream cones.  She eats three meals a day.  She should have no problem losing weight if she just starts to eat 1 serving.  I bought her a food journal, and she started.  No problem.  She had a few incidents where she was ravenous or wanted to go to the chip truck.  One afternoon she ate nachos at a restaurant (in addition to the lunch she had already eaten).   Anyway she lost about 4 lbs.  Great work!  If she keeps this up she can easily take off 20-30 lbs and feel better on her trip.  I also encouraged her to move her muscles and joints more.  She got on my recumbent bike and started doing easy exercise- non weightbearing.  I truely believe that it is important to keep moving even when you have chronic diseases like rheumatoid- if you don’t move it you will lose it.

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