Senior’s Optimistic Poem

Senior’s Optimistic Poem
Senior’s Optimistic Poem
“The true test in life does not occur when all is going well. The true test takes place when we are faced with challenges.”
Senior’s Optimistic Poem

Catherine Pulsifer, from All is Going Well

Poem celebrating school re-unions… Senior’s Optimistic Poem
Translated from Czech
by Maya

Let’s drink a wine now very slow
before switching to water for the times all
we have gathered here today
for the reason to study again.

We explore and declare
Although not too favorably
during those years of acquaintance
lots of changes happening

Here one lost his appendix, another one gallbladder
and uterus is gone from her.
Kidney is another malady
even lame are five of them

We have glasses, all in pairs
and a porcelain dentures
cotton in ears, in hip stainless steel
not to mention wrists braces

We don’t any more want jewels and dough
neither any shares,
would be dying from the fear
to meet the thieving killers

After all, the youth is gone
stayed just tiredness and stiffening
when sclerosis rampant are
depression is just shattering

We gained pounds and wrinkles
and lost our joy
thinned our teeth and hair
have been touched even at a bone

We sit at home quietly
just as a piece of stump
muscles soften, spine solidifies
I rather anywhere not climb

In lungs is ringing, in ears bubbles
even sometimes air escapes…
creaks in joints, stomach rumbling
oh what a piece of music play

But we shall not spoil our day
and declare as one man:
don’t loose your composure and humor
Don’t despair, it will be worse

We well know it doesn’t help
wail and moan and all that
There is still a lots whats left
of which we can rejoice

Yet we are still here and living
warming ourselves in sun.
Eating and drinking with appetite
so lets live and sing the song;
“I’m not, my love, anymore twenty years old….”

Have a beautiful day!

Translating from Czech, (really rather funny rhymes in original) is not that easy putting in rhymes to English, especially considering my limited time… So here is just a quick attempt and I hope you had a bit of fun. Meaning both, seniors who already know, also young ones who shall one day :-)
*** This is presentation with very nice song…I’m not, my love 20 years old…but can’t be reproduced here on WP.

And now, have a great day!


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