Rapid Diet Fast Weight Loss

Rapid Diet  Fast Weight Loss

Guanajuato is a city where getting from here to there is done on one’s own two feet. Surface transportation is pedestrian. Little plazuelas as this one are scattered all over the city and serve as resting places, for here one walks either up-hill or down-hill, and can get pretty tiresome. But take it from me, I outgrew my belt and trousers, and had to purchase smaller sizes, Talk about side benefits!! There are no other options, this city demands that you walk!

Pulaski Tech’s Weight Loss Challenge (KARK Little Rock)

More info…Pulaski Technical College is taking a big iniatative towards being healthy. At a health fair on Monday, students, faculty, and staff were invited to sign up for a campus wide weight loss challenge, and a goal to walk ten thousand miles together.

Weight-loss surgery complications devastate patients (Miami Herald)

More info…Sandi Krueger of Turlock, Calif., dropped 120 pounds with weight-loss surgery, but she is hardly a success story. The 2002 surgery led to chronic malnutrition and anemia. As the pounds melted away, so did her life.

More info…by Richard MayIn most cases acne has been caused because the sebaceous glands, which are found at the base of the hair follicles on the skin, are secreting far too much sebum (oil). Once too much of this produced the pores on the skin can become blocked and spots begin to appear. Doctors may prescribe medications that can help to treat the condition but can cause some side effects. However an alternative would be for those who wish to is use some kinds of herbal remedies for acne instead. Below

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