Rebounders and Dave Hall

Rebounders and Dave Hall

Meet Dave Hall, Mr. Rebounder


When it comes to rebounders Dave Hall is the man. How he became known as Mr. Rebouder is quite an amazing story. In fact, it is an example of how God uses experiences in our lives to bring us to a point where we can be used for the benefit of many. Taken from an interview by Kelly Howell, Dave Hall stated:

“In 1990, I felt like a horse put out to pasture. My shoulders were rounded, my posture poor. A weak back put me down for days at a time, my knees and shoulders constantly ached, and the circulation in my legs was so feeble that a doctor suggested I wear stockings. Digestion and elimination were a struggle and I wasn’t sleeping well”.

“Sometimes when we ignore God’s subtle clues, he hits us across the head with a 2X4. In 1991, my awakening came in the form of a pesticide poisoning. The right side of my lymphatic system collapsed. My glands swelled and large lesions erupted on my shoulders, neck, and back. My liver was a mess, my kidneys hurt, I was only 34 years old”.

Rebounders – Jump for Health and Youthfulness

“I consulted with a friend of mine who told me to go jump. Thanks a lot, I replied in a sarcastic tone”.

“NO not off a building,” he laughed, “on this”. He pulled out a mini-trampoline. It was a simple and effective solution”.

“With the encouragement of my friend, I bought a mini-trampoline, or rebounder, and started bouncing. At first by balance was poor. I’d bounce in rhythm with my child. She would hold on to her crib while I’d cling to a door jam”.

Dave Hall
Dave Hall

My balance quickly improved; so did my sinuses. In 3 weeks I had much more energy and after the first month I dropped a belt notch. Noticing my arms, my wife asked if I was lifting weights. I smiled, No weights, just bouncing. She started bouncing too, and our relationship and sex life improved dramatically! Within six months my double chin disappeared and my stomach went from flabby to flat, ripped, and rock-hard”

“People wanted to know what I was doing. I enthusiastically told them to bounce. They started to experience their own results and it spread. Before I knew it, I was invited to speak in front of clubs and civic organizations. I was finding more joy teaching people to bounce than I ever did selling insurance”.

Increased Flexibility

“Within two years my knees were greatly improved. I became flexible and could touch my toes, though I never stretched. I could stand on one leg and tie a shoe without holding on to anything! My vision even improved. My physique became lean and defined. I was only Cellercising® 10 minutes a day even in front of the TV or on the phone. No more health club fees or expensive equipment. For the first time in my life being healthy was easy. Then something happened that changed my life forever”.

“Because of my enthusiasm, my father bought a typical rebounder; the kind you can buy at sporting goods stores. Typical rebounders use cheap, often weak tube springs, a sagging mat, and a weak frame. Within one month on a typical rebounder, my father was permanently disabled, suffering nerve damage. Since I was younger and more resilient, my body could better tolerate the jarring effect. However I often found the rebounder would hurt my back. But now my father was seriously injured, he was crippled. I was dazed and angry. People were getting hurt and I felt I needed to warn them. The same year my Dad was injured, Dr. Morten Walker, in the Townsend Letter for Doctors, warned that the jarring affect at the bottom of each bounce can be dangerous. The same year, I introduced a whole new concept in mini-trampolines”.

Mission in Life


“I set out on a mission to enlighten people of the benefits of Cellercise® and the problems with typical rebounders. I became known as Mr. Rebounder. It sounds like a third-rate superhero, but that is what people started calling me. I became passionate about my mission. In 1998, after several years of research, experience, and development, I finally created a mini-trampoline that I felt comfortable putting my name on. I just had to figure out what to call it”.

“Webster’s Dictionary defines rebound as a reaction to setback or frustration. Since typical rebounders are described in this manner, I did not feel like focusing on frustrations; especially since vertical movement afforded so many positive benefits”.

“In addition there were too many bad rebounders on the market and too many companies claiming that their inferior product was the best and frankly they weren’t”.

Healthier Cells, Healthier Life

“Cellercise® does not focus on setbacks, it focuses on promoting wellness. With healthier cells, problems fade away. Since my program exercises cells, it seemed appropriate to call it Cellercise®, and my equipment the Cellerciser®. Hence, “Don’t Just Exercise, Cellercise®” became my message”.

“I was in my forties in 1997, when I learned that I have increased my height from 5’10 to 5’11. I actually got taller. It is all documented. I look and feel great. The belly is gone, replaced with a 6 Pack of rippled muscles. My posture is now erect, my digestion and elimination processes are smooth, easy, and efficient. My metabolism has increased, yet I sit behind a desk all day long. I do no other form of exercise. I Cellercise® 10 minutes a day that’s it, and I feel like a kid again”.

“I’ve been teaching my wellness program for nearly 25 years and just as in the 70s when the cheaper rebounders flooded the market, the rebound industry is now producing cheap rebounders that look similar to the Cellerciser®. However when the steel in the spring is cheap, you sink without the resistance necessary to build the body up. Some companies have actually made the legs on their rebounders longer to help their customers avoid hitting the ground”.

Dave Hall
Dave Hall

We produce the very best mini-trampoline on the market. Put our unit next to anybody’s and we will guarantee you will see and feel the difference. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers who are more family than customers. We have chosen not to sell the Cellerciser® in stores like our competitors do. We sell through Doctors, health practitioners, word of mouth, and through our company directly. Our customers can call and talk with me or my staff. We consult with Doctors on the benefits of Cellercise®. And I continue to share my program with groups all over the United States and different areas of the world”.

The bottom line: we don’t just want to sell you a great piece of equipment, we want you to get results. There are lots of rebounders, but there is only one Cellerciser®”.

To view the Cellercise in action and learn more: Cellercising®

How to Order the Cellerciser® and Receive a Discount

I recently spoke with Dave Hall and he agreed to give my readers a discount on the units. But you must call his company direct, ask for Jerry, and give him my name (David Cooley) to receive the discount. Their number is 1-800-856-4863 (inside the US) or 435-835-5867 (outside the US).

Below is a link to their website, but if you order directly online through their website you will pay retail pricing.

Visit the Dave Hall’s Cellercise® website and learn more. But remember to receive a DISCOUNT you must call directly and give them my name, David Cooley.

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